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We have both, the technical expertise and search experience

Since our founding, LogicApt has quickly become well-known as a trusted partner to many of the big Law Firms, and Fortune 100 Corporations in the United States. We believe that ideas can change the world.

Our team consists of an eclectic mix of passionate intellectual property veterans who function brilliantly together.

the team


We're lead by a team who constantly questions, tinkers and challenges to unlock great outcomes around every turn.

Abhay Goel

Abhay Goel

Founder and CEO

Parveen Goel

Parveen Goel

CFO and Head HR

Anil Sujit Kumar

Anil Sujit Kumar

Sr. Vice President - Operations

Prabhita Chandaran RR

Prabhita Chandaran RR

Asst. Vice President - Operations


Dharam Vir (Daniel)

AVP Business Development


Our Advisors

Joseph McAlexander III


Jim Carson


Shashank Upadhye


Encouraging Gender Diversity

LogicApt is proud to be a company that supports and empowers it’s women employees in various ways. We recognize the unique challenges that women may face in the workplace and at home and continually strive to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for all our employees to thrive.

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