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We're lead by a team who constantly questions, tinkers and challenges to unlock great outcomes around every turn.

Abhay Goel

Abhay Goel

Founder and CEO

Parveen Goel

Parveen Goel

CFO and Head HR

Anil Sujit Kumar

Anil Sujit Kumar

President - Operations

Prabhita Chandaran RR

Prabhita Chandaran RR

Asst. Vice President - Operations

We at LogicApt have IP experts who have over 15 years of demonstrated experience helping corporates, law firms and institutions.


Over the last five years, there has been a significant upward trend in patent filing in India. The number of patents filed has increased by 39% and the percentage of patents filed

Being in the patent industry, everyone loves a strong 102-type prior art reference in case of invalidation. But sometimes even after giving all one’s got for the searching; we ar

While searching for NPL documents date verification is always a problem. When we were stuck in finding a highly relevant reference for a prior-art search where NPLs are more likely

Relationships Matter

I've worked with LogicApt for over a decade on countless IP, Patent, Trademark and Litigation projects. My relationship with them has transcended from a mere service provider to a valuable partner.
US Law firm

Responsive and Flexible

Your team was responsive and flexible, and you got us results in the short timeframe requested and on budget. Tough to ask for more than that.
Sr Vice President
Corp in USA

Pleasure working with LogicApt

I have only positive things to say. It was a pleasure working with you. Your search report has been very useful in understanding relevant prior art and has helped the client to focus on building strategies for invalidating the granted patent under PTO law. Thank you also for completing the project so quickly.
US Based Law Firm

Highly Recommended

Is my invention new? This was one of many questions I wanted to find answers to during the assisted patent search. I was not disappointed. Together with a patent expert at LogicApt, I was able to get to the crux of the issue. The results of the search confirmed to me that I was on the right path with my research and, finally, I could patent my invention.
US Law Firm
Client Partner

Quick turn-around times

I have worked with LogicApt for a number of years on patentability and freedom to operate (FTO) searches, and their searching expertise is second to none. They are also very client-focused and their quick turn-around times, in combination with user-friendly search reports, really help to alleviate some of the burdens of completing searches.
US General Counsel
Fortune 500 Company

Top-notch professionalism

LogicApt is our go-to firm for any search. Their results are thorough and well-targeted. Every aspect of their offerings, from their reports to their customer service, is highly professional.
Head of IP
Fortune 100 Company
Logic Apt
IP research
Delivering high-quality projects for international clients. Ask us about IP Consultancy, Patent Support & Competitive Intelligence

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