Patentability/Novelty Search

Patentability/Novelty Search

What does the search mean?

A patentability search is a search for the novelty of the invention. Patentability search helps to discover patent or non-patent literature that is similar to the invention. The search helps the inventor to get the documents that may destroy the novelty of the invention and make changes to the invention for the invention to be patented.

Patentability search can be considered the first step for filling out the patent. Since the process for filling out the patent is very expensive, this search helps the inventor to know prior to filing whether the invention is patentable or not.


Challenges Faced [by the lawyer if he wants to do Patentability search himself]

The patentability search (also referred to as novelty search) is performed by analysts and need technical expertise for it who has prior knowledge on the area he is working.

This search is very time-consuming, and the databases used for this search have very expensive charges, due to which it may not be very beneficial for an individual to perform this search.

Our methodology

Understanding of the disclosure is done.

Search is performed using multiple databases.

Different strategies are used to cover different aspects of the invention.

The variety of strategies includes keyword-based searching, classification-based searching, Assignee-Inventor-based searching, and many more different kinds of strategies.

Detailed Report providing results of the search.


How LogicApt adds Value?

Our Company has a group of highly experienced employees that help to cover a broad area using different strategies in less time.

Search is performed to cover multiple aspects of the invention.

Multiple Assignees and Inventors working on the same invention are provided.

A detailed report of the novelty search is provided.

FAQ for Invalidity search


What are the criteria for Patentability?

The patent should be:


               Should have an inventive step over the prior art.

               Should be non-obvious.

               Should have an industrial application.


What can be patentable?

The following can be patented:

                A process

                A machine

                A new composition or formula

               Tools created from raw materials.

               Asexually reproduced Plants.


What cannot be patented?

The following cannot be patented:

              Mathematical Formula

              Laws of Nature

              Discovery of Scientific Principle

              Discovery of new substance

              Inventions whose purpose goes against public morality.

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