Infringement Search

Infringement Search

A patent infringement (patent to product mapping) search is conducted to find relevant products in specific jurisdiction after the required date, where the invention is used without the permission of the patent holder.

Reason and Use: Patent infringement happens when another organization begins utilizing, offering or making the patented item without taking assent or permit from the patent proprietor. Accordingly, offering or making an unexpired patented innovation in a patent-ensured land range without securing a permit from the patent proprietor constitutes patent infringement and can be lawfully tested.

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In this way, infringement search leads to discover the items effectively existing in the market that might utilize the patented innovation. The examination and report incorporate a claim to item mapping, to locate the current items utilizing the patented innovation. The procedure incorporates looking for items that are associated to utilize patented innovation. Regularly, these ventures are dubious because not all highlights asserted in a patent can be seen outwardly in the item and thus it requires a great deal of aptitude to make a judgment.

End Product:

The output of a Patent infringement search is provided in the form of evidence of use (EOU) charts or claim charts where potentially infringing product features are mapped with claim elements of the subject patent. An all-around recorded report contains the item to claim guide of the patent of intrigue and suspected encroaching item. Both halfway and finish infringements are accounted for.


Ability to search non-patent literature and other databases like brochures, conference material over the web. Also, we understand the architecture of the product to find out all the possible infringements.

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