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Can I get to pick up a searcher of my choice?

Definitely yes. Before starting the project, we make our client interact with our team and take their interviews. In case, the client has any special preferences for the project resource to be allocated, we tend to fulfill them all.

Is there any wait time before starting a patent search?

Generally none. However, there can only be a wait time when there is any information pending from the client’s end or he needs to provide our team any specific instruction. At times, we may hold the project for 2-3 days, when we feel a specific resource will be better fit on a project and is currently working for a different client project.

Will an interim report be sent before sending the final report?

Definitely, yes. We send across an interim report to our clients to share the direction of our search and to have suggestions from them if any. If any changes need to made in the search strategy, we are open to discuss and make them.

Is there any country restriction LogicApt has for the invalidation search?

No country limitation, the invalidation search report will be covering results from worldwide along with the NPLs.

What is the format of the work product deliverables?

We provide the deliverable in excel, word or the ppt format depending upon the work product need. Also, we can deliver the work product in any specific format requested by the client.

When do I make payment of the services, I have taken from LogicApt?

After receiving the Invoice, the payment is expected to be cleared in 30 days.

How can I make payment of the services opted from LogicApt?

We accept payments via Wire transfer. We are happy to bear the charges for wire transfer. The same can be deducted from the Invoice amount.

If we want an additional search after one is delivered. When and how can I get that done? Also, will there be any discounts applicable?

Once we have successfully delivered the client there work product they can definitely contact us back anytime for any additional searches via email. This search will be provided to the client at a discounted price. Also, there won’t be any quality compromise due to the applicable discounts.

How is the data security and confidentiality taken care off?

We have installed active firewall and spam controller to all our systems and laptops. We have disabled the data transfer media like USB drives, from the systems and laptops of our employees. All our employees at LogicApt have signed a confidentiality agreement not to disclose matter related to work to outside personnel or authority. Our physical systems also prevent unauthorized access to work area. Third Party emails and chat are disabled, data transfer with clients is done only through secured FTP login, 24*7 physical security, CCTV monitoring of workplace and team segregation is done for different clients.

Does LogicApt team work in US time zone?

Our operations team works in IST time zone and is available from 9 AM to 8 PM (IST) whereas our sales representatives are available in US time zone. With prior intimation, a call can be set up with operations team member at US time as well.

Can I get a customized proposal related to the requirements I hold for my patent search?

Yes, of course you will get a proposal that will pull together all the information in a concise and persuasive way and help you get what you want. We will only charge you what you want in a specific search.

Is native language search for China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. possible?

Yes we conduct a global search on paid databases which provide English translation for the native language documents. Also, in round 2, we can do Native language search through our network of specialists, who are native language speakers and have prior experience in patent searching.

Does LogicApt work on a retainer or full-time equivalent (FTE) model?

Yes. We work on a retainer or FTE model which comes at competitive pricing to our clients. You can have one or multiple resources working for you. Every resource does work for 160 hrs/month.

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