Abhay Goel

Abhay Goel

Abhay (Brian) Goel

Founder and CEO

Responsible for driving the company towards growth. Also, on a day-to-day basis, he involves himself with different verticals within the company to ensure smooth functioning. Sales guy by passion, Mr. Goel actively engages in conversation with clients, helping to design solutions to solve patent-related issues. In his current role, he is involved with clients having businesses ranging from start-ups and emerging companies to some of the most well-known IP Law Firms and Corporations in the world. He is a talented, strategic, and relentless employee of the company, helping protect his clients’ most valuable assets.

In addition to Business development and client engagement, he has also received a lot of praise from clients for being “very strategic, very thoughtful, and good on his feet”

Abhay has a three-year-old son who has just started going to day school and is very curious about various things. Abhay’s wife is a professionally qualified French tutor and was working with International Labor Organization [ILO], in Geneva, before getting married.

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