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As a patent researcher or analyst, you constantly look for ways to streamline your patent searches and analysis. One way to do this is by using hyperlinks in Excel to quickly access patent documents from online databases.
Two popular patent databases are Google Patents and Espacenet, that provide access to millions of patent documents from around the world.
We have created an in-house tool that provides a free Excel add-in which includes hyperlinks for both Google Patents and Espacenet.
    • Save time and make your patent research more efficient.
    • Analyze and compare patents more quickly and effectively, and to stay up to date with the latest developments in your field
Get started:
There are 2 ways to generate hyperlinks:
    1. Provide the list of the patents with space and it will show the list below with the patent links.
    2. Directly upload excel file as per the sample document with the patent numbers already written in it. After uploading, click on ‘Generate links’, it will process the excel and give the resultant output with the hyperlinks.
Patent Links
Espacenet Google Patents


Enter the Patent Numbers in the Sample Sheet and Upload.

Upload the Sample Document below.

Patent List
Download file
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