Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

What does the search mean?

A patent portfolio is a collection of patents of an individual or an organization. These patents grant the owner exclusive right to make, use or sell the invention for a specific period. These patents are great assets that can provide a competitive advantage and can also generate revenue through licensing. However, managing the portfolio is a challenge, specifically for an organization with many patents. In this case, portfolio analysis plays a vital role to manage these patents by analysing them.

Portfolio Analysis is a process of analysing the patent portfolio of a company or an organization. This analysis includes evaluating each patent in the portfolio for its strength and value. This analysis provides the owner with the patents that are most relevant and that may have the potential to generate revenue. The primary objective of the patent portfolio analysis is to maximize the value of the portfolio while minimizing the cost of its maintenance.

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Why is Portfolio Analysis important?

  • Patent portfolio analysis is important as it helps the owner to understand the strength and weaknesses of the portfolio.
  • Evaluation of the patent within the portfolio helps the owner to make informed decisions about licensing or enforcement.
  • A well-executed patent portfolio analysis helps to identify opportunities to generate revenue or to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.

Challenges Faced

Data availability: Gathering relevant and accurate data on all the products and services in a company’s portfolio can be challenging. Some data may be difficult to obtain or may not be available in a consistent format, making it challenging to compare different products or services.

Time-Consuming: The patent portfolio can be a collection of many patents. Understanding the patent invention and analysing it is a time-consuming process, especially for an inexperienced person. So, it may not be very efficient for any individual not experienced to analyse the portfolio.

Our methodology

The methodology followed by our company in Portfolio Analysis is as follows:

  • A quick quality review of the patents from the portfolio.
  • A taxonomy is created, where patents are categorized based on the relevancy of the technology.
  • Determining the different technical features based on the portfolio patents and services provided by the organization.
  • Segregating the patents based on the technical features.
  • Sorting the portfolio patents based on their relevancy.
  • A detailed claim chart for the identified product that is being infringed (generated only when the products or any organization is provided that is likely to infringe).

FAQ for Portfolio Analysis

  • What is Portfolio Analysis?

Patent portfolio analysis is an essential exercise for managing a patent portfolio effectively. By evaluating the individual patents within a portfolio and their relevance to the owner’s business, patent owners can make informed decisions about licensing, enforcement, and acquisition.


  • What are some of the key metrics used in patent portfolio analysis?

 The key metrics used in patent portfolio analysis include patent strength, patent scope, patent age, patent citation, patent family size, and patent portfolio size. These metrics are used to assess the quality and quantity of the patents in a portfolio and to identify areas for improvement.

  • Who conducts patent portfolio analysis?

Patent portfolio analysis can be conducted by various professionals, including patent attorneys, patent agents, intellectual property managers, and patent analysts. These professionals have expertise in patent law, patent analytics, and intellectual property management.

  • What are some of the benefits of patent portfolio analysis?

Patent portfolio analysis provides several benefits, including identifying areas for improvement in a patent portfolio, assessing the value of a company’s intellectual property, identifying potential risks and opportunities, and developing strategies for managing a patent portfolio. It can also help companies to make informed decisions related to licensing, litigation, and innovation.

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