Patent Alert/Monitoring

Patent Alert/Monitoring

In this fast-growing world, where every day companies are Innovating, tracking patent activities of a competitor is always crucial.

This search can be performed for an individual company/inventor or a specific sub-class of technology. The search can be helpful even while your product is in the development stage.

Some clients specifically choose to include news or new product launches in the market in the specific time period. In general, the patent alerts are performed fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or a year depending on the activity in a specific area.

It will help the client to take better decisions quickly by filing an opposition (either pre-grant or post-grant) for the patents where client and the competitors have shared interests.

Infringement Search


  1. Gives an overview of where the technology is headed to.
  2. Helps to study the technology competitor, is creating which will help in getting an upper hand over your competitor.
  3. Making better R&D decisions based on the development of the technology.
  4. Helps you in the updation of your technology as per the market needs.

The patent alert search report consists of all the references related to the technology whether it is a patent or a product or even articles/news/social media feeds, that will help the client groups to improve or modify the technology. This search report will cover globally present databases for that perfect search that you are seeking for.

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