Patent Alert/Monitoring

Patent Alert/Monitoring

What does the search mean?

A patent alert is a process of identifying patents, literature, articles, products, or any kind of information to gain knowledge about the patent or literature published related to the specific technology. The alerts can be generated monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly according to the needs.

Patent alerts or monitoring helps an individual to be updated about the recent advancements in a specific technology.


Challenges Faced [by the lawyer if he wants to do Patent Alert himself]

Patent alert or monitoring is a task performed by an analyst. If a certain individual is to perform the patent alert or monitor themselves, they may face various challenges.

  • Lack of Database Resources: The search is performed by the analyst using different kinds of databases to access the patents or other documents. However, if the search is performed by an individual, he/she may face problems in finding relevant results due to the lack of database resources. Further, as the databases are highly expensive, it may not be very beneficial for an individual to purchase them.
  • Time-Consuming: The process of finding and verifying the data related to the invention is time-consuming. One must search through millions of documents to find relevant results. So, for an individual like a lawyer, it may not be very beneficial to search for themselves.
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Our methodology

The procedure followed by our company to perform patent alerts or monitoring is as follows:

  • A quick, but thorough understanding of the patent
  • Creating multiple strategies to cover broader aspects.
  • Applying those strategies to cover different perspectives of the inventive technology.
  • Collecting and verifying the results related to the invention.
  • Categorizing the results from highly relevant to least relevant.
  • Creating a fully detailed report with relevant results from the past 2 to 12 month’s time (as required by the client)

How LogicApt adds Value?

  • Our experts at logicapt have helped multiple Companies with patent alerts or monitoring. Our Company provides help to determine the recent developments in specific technology using patent alerts or monitoring.
  • Creating different strategies to cover the broader perspective of the invention helps the client to determine the advancement of the invention from various perspectives.
  • Providing categorization of results to help the client understand the superiority of results in comparison to other results.

FAQ for Patent Alert or Monitoring

  • Why is a patent alert necessary?

A patent alert is a process of identifying information related to a specific inventive technology. The patent alert helps to keep you updated with respect to the latest development in the core areas of your technology.

  • What is the importance of a Patent Alert?

The importance of Patent alerts:

  1. Gives an overview of where the technology you are interested in is headed to.
  2. Helps you to study the technology your competitor is creating which will help you in getting an upper hand over your competitor.
  3. Making better R&D decisions based on the development of the technology.
  4. Helps you in updating your technology as per the market needs.
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