IDS (Information Disclosure Statement)

What does the search mean?

An information Disclosure Statement (also referred to as IDS) is a document specifying the list of known prior arts of the invention that is available publicly. The prior art can be any document, a patent, a journal, a social media post, or any kind of written text related to the invention. This list of prior arts is needed by the applicant to understand the current standing of its invention concerning the prior arts. It also helps the examiner, examining the application, to understand the novelty by determining the prior arts of the invention.

Challenges Faced [by the lawyer if he wants to do IDS search himself]

A person performing an IDS search individually may face multiple challenges along the search due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of database resources– There are multiple databases present that can help to perform a search more efficiently by using their specific operators. However, these databases are highly expensive for an individual to purchase.
  2. Time-Consuming– The search can be very time-consuming, as the data that needs to be analysed could be in millions, so it may create difficulty for an individual to analyse that data without any experience.
  3. Lack of Skills– As the data that needs to be analyzed could be in millions, an analyst must perform the search due to his/her experience, rather than an individual that is inexperienced and may take a longer time to analyze the data.

Our methodology

Our company follows a simple methodology to perform the IDS search.

  • Understanding the disclosure of the invention (quickly, but thoroughly)
  • Making different kinds of strategies, covering different perspectives, to grasp the most relevant results.
  • Performing the search using the strategies, to cover different aspects of the invention.
  • Detailed understanding of the found relevant results to ascertain their relation with the current invention.
  • A detailed report along with the mapped content for the applicant to understand clearly the references presented.

How LogicApt adds Value?

Our Company provides a group of highly experienced analysts that perform a detailed search of the invention.

  • Using different kinds of strategies to cover the different perspectives of the invention.
  • Provide a detailed report, explaining the results of the search along with the mapped content.
  • A list of multiple assignees is provided along with the report to help the applicant to perform research on the specific assignee related to the invention.
  • A list of multiple inventors is also provided along with the assignees that may have been working on a similar kind of technology as the applicant’s invention.

FAQ for IDS search

  • Is it necessary to perform an IDS search?

Yes, the IDS search helps the applicant to understand how the invention is different from the prior arts and whether the invention of the applicant is novel or not. According to the search, the applicant can make changes to the application so that the application can be patentable.

  • What is the role of an IDS document while applying?

The IDS document is a list of relevant prior art (that may be any document, a journal, any social media post, or any text related to the invention) that may help the examiner to understand the novelty of the invention clearly by determining the background of that invention.

  • When does the IDS form need to be submitted?

It is not necessary to file IDS at the time of filing. IDS is to be filed by the applicant within 3 months of the filing date. To submit the Information disclosure statement, one needs to fill in the information on the IDS form PTO/SB/08a and submit it to the patent office. The IDS form can be accessed from the concerned patent office.

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